Sunday, March 5, 2017

A chat with Anne Sommerlad

In the lead up to the quilt show we thought we'd check in and have a chat with our 2017 featured quilter, Anne Sommerlad. Anne such a prolific quilter that not only has she been busy publishing patterns in magazines she has been making new quilts for our show as well.  Read on to hear Anne's answers to our questions.

Are you having a theme for the quilts you are showing as 2017 featured Quilter?
· I don't have a particular theme for my display as I'm a very eclectic designer - I like to have a dabble in all styles

Are you making any special quilts for the show? 
·  My main focus for the show is in getting my version of Cherry Time completed. I originally intended to make it using similar fabrics to the raffle quilt, but thought seeing as you have all done such a beautiful job of it with the Japanese colourful fabrics, I would try something a little different. So I am making it with Oriental black and metallic gold fabrics. As my stash didn't include any metallics, guess what...? I have been collecting and no doubt, will have so many left that it will necessitate a few more designs to use them all up.  I have been using a combination of machine and hand work on mine - machine appliqu├ęd all those tiny leaves!!!

·  I have also made a quite modern project "Eclipse" - design inspired by 1960's retro wallpaper - a scrappy Civil War fabrics quilt called "Toccata" and a rather lovely small quilt featuring William Morris fabrics. These will be my "newbies" for the show.

Do you have recent sewing news or magazine patterns ?
 ·  In the last few months I have had 4 projects in Quilters Companion; "Tarantella" in #80, "Rhapsody" and DVD in #81, "Starburst" in #82 and "Scrappy Stars" in #83. Also I am off to deliver "Cyclamen" to Michelle Marvig this morning (my hexagonal shaped quilt with stunning quilting from Susie Anderson) to be featured in an up and coming issue. Hope it's back in time for the show!!!

Is there anything in particular about being a featured quilter that you are looking forward to?
 · I am really looking forward to the show - it was Springwood Quilt Show that gave me my start in this "job" when I was asked to design the raffle quilt for the 2007 show ("Hanazono"). Then encouraged by Robyn Stuart and Susie Anderson, I decided to jump in the deep end, leave the "comfort and safety"(ha ha) of the Department of Education and teach and design full-time. I have no regrets!!

 Here is a sneak peek of Anne's amazing black and gold Cherry Time blocks, This quilt is sure to be a show stopper!!

Visit Anne Sommerlads website to see more of her quilts

Or follow on the facebook page Anne Sommerlad Designs to keep up to date with her latest news.

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