Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Mountain Magic

Let's have a flash back to our 2011 Raffle Quilt.
Mountain Magic is a pictorial quilt depicting the Three Sisters Rock formation, the Blue Mountains' most well known and popular tourist attraction at Echo Point, Katoomba.
Here's a photo of its namesake.

The quilt was designed by Petal Davies, a local quilt and wearable art teacher, although assembly was a group effort by members of the show committee. 

The quilt includes a variety of materials and fabrics.

Furnishing fabrics were made into tree trunks. Those tree fern branches have wires in the spines so they can be manipulated into shape.
Layers of different shades of fine blue organza became the misty haze created by Eucalyptus trees that inspired the name for the Blue Mountains
Sunlight reflecting off the rocks was created with a gold ice cream wrappers.
Hospital grade plastic bags were used to construct the forest undergrowth.

And I'm sure you'll agree the result is wonderful!! 

Just a friendly reminder that quilt and volunteer entries are open for the 2017 show. You'll find the forms on the right hand side of this page. 

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