Saturday, December 3, 2016

The raffle quilt has borders!

The raffle quilt top is finished, borders and all! 
I'm sure you'll agree that the indigo fabric frames the quilt perfectly and makes the blocks shine!

Here are some of the committee members who helped sew the quilt. Others couldn't make the meeting and there are some hiding behind the quilt.

We've decided on the name 'Cherry Time' for our lovely quilt. Anne Sommerlad who designed the quilt is calling her pattern Cheritaimu which is Japanese for Cherry Time.  Anne, our featured quilter for the 2017 show will be making the same pattern in very different colours. Won't that be wonderful to see!!

Cherry Time suits our quilt perfectly because if you look closely you'll see cherry blossoms in the blocks.

For the backing fabric we have a flight of dragonflies.

The top is now with Susie Anderson for her to add her quilting magic. It wont be long now until we start selling raffle tickets. 

In the meantime, the quilt show bookmarks and flyers are being printed, articles for magazines have been sent off, banners organised, starting to plan the stall holders and organise the hall. There's always things to be done. 

I hope you're us helping out by sewing lots of wonderful quilts to enter in the show when entries open at the beginning of February.

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