Thursday, October 20, 2016

The raffle quilt is coming together!

Imagine a sunlit room full of chatter, sounds of sewing machines humming, fabrics being displayed, discussions about colours and placements, decisions being made, calculations and measurements being checked and rechecked, rotary cutters rolling as they cut 100's of pieces, irons running hot and the exclamations of approval as blocks came together with the sashing and corner stones. 

That was our sewing day as the committee worked on the 2017 raffle quilt.  

Let's start at the beginning of the day. The last of the blocks were shared and they are beautiful!!!

It was great to get all of the blocks up on the design wall to see them all together. It's amazing how we all worked on them alone with our own fabrics but they look perfect as a group. There are lots of fun little details like fussy cutting and clever fabrics to look out for in these blocks.

We where there to sew so it was soon down to work and while some people cut pieces for the sashing and cornerstones others sewed them together and some took turns with the iron.

Sewing corners onto the blocks.

 As the day progressed the blocks began to transform..

Each round of pieces added new life.

And soon the overall quilt design emerged.

Woohoo!! Doesn't it look fabulous!!

 We all agreed that the navy fabric was the perfect choice.

We have scouts out and about looking for the perfect border fabric which will no doubt take it to a whole new level. Stay tuned to see what happens.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Help us name our raffle quilt.

At our recent committee meeting we had a show and tell of all our raffle quilt blocks so far. 
Of course I took photos to share with you. Some blocks you may have seen before but it's fun to see them all together. 

Don't they look great! There are still a few more blocks to come and then we'll have a sewing day to assemble them. We're looking forward to seeing them come together.

We still need a name for the quilt. One suggestion was Anne's Garden in honour of Anne Sommerlad who designed the pattern but we're open to suggestions. Here's the layout of the quilt although we'll using different colours. We've picked out a nice dark navy blue for the block surrounds, and creams to contrast.

So if you have any ideas simply let us know in the comments, or email us at springwoodquiltshow@hotmail.com.