Friday, July 8, 2016

The raffle quilt goes to its new home

The winner of our 2016 raffle quilt was Lynda Toohey of Glenbrook.

Chris Jurd had the pleasure of delivering the 2016 Raffle Quilt to it's new home with Lynda this week. Luckily the sun came out for long enough to get these photos.

Lynda is an infants school teacher and a cross-stitcher and embroiderer. Although not a quilter herself, she can really appreciate all the hard work that went into the making of the quilt.

Lynda goes to Springwood Quilt Show every year with her sister to see the local entries. She made a special trip to the Sydney Quilt Show this year to have her photo taken with her prize winning quilt.

Lynda’s not sure whether she’ll hang the quilt on the wall in her lovely home or use it on a guest bed. Either way it will look wonderful.

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  1. I would just like to thank everyone who had a part in the designing and making of the beautiful quilt I won. I was absolutely thrilled, and amazed, to win it and I will always treasure it. It was also lovely to meet Chris when she delivered it to me. I managed to go to the Sydney Quilt Show on the one day she wasn't there! Lynda


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