Monday, May 2, 2016

But wait, there's more!

More photos from the show that is,  some random shots of people and quilts that haven't been shown yet. I don't think you can ever have too many photos of quilt shows.

Once again - Three cheers for all the wonderful volunteers who helped out throughout the show. Here is Kathy Mckenzie and Lorraine Lloyd doing a great job of receiving and organising the quilts as they arrived.

Some happy snaps overlooking the hall.

People admiring the quilts.

 The shops were busy all weekend!

I really wanted to take lots of photos of quilters next to their quilts but got caught up with other tasks. Next year I'll get more photos of quilters. I did get a couple though. Here is Liz Brockman next to her beautiful version of a Sue Spargo quilt called Bird Dance.

 Francoise Matter made this lovely quilt from a pattern by Susan Smith.

The show is always so full of colour and people that it's hard to believe an hour after the show has closed the hall looks like this.
 Most of the quilts are folded and ready for pick up and the frames ares just piles of poles. Another hour and the hall is empty.

One last photo. This shot was taken a few days after the show when Vicki M had washed the quilt block bunting and it was hanging on the line to dry in the autumn sun. As Vicki says " You know the quilt show is over when the bunting is washed and ironed".


  1. What a great cQuilt Show it was. Well done Springwood Committee Ladies

  2. All that hard work ...... and then it is all over until next year. I love the pic of the bunting hanging out to dry.


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