Thursday, April 21, 2016

The hall is ready!!

The Springwood High School Hall is now ready for the first day of the show tomorrow. A huge thanks to all who pitched in and helped set up and hang quilts today. Everything went smoothly and it was set up in record time. 

Here's some action shots of one of the quilts being hung on the walls. 
This precise task requires 2 people holding poles each end of the hanging rod while others are there to hold the quilt so it never touches the floor. 

A little to the left, now over to the right, back to the left...

That's spot on !

The quilt rod is carefully hooked onto hangers on the wall and everyone stands back to admire it. The quilts on the walls always look so spectacular.

That's just a sneak peek. To see more beautiful quilts come and see the show!!
It opens tomorrow, Friday 22nd and runs through till Sunday 24th. 10-4pm daily. 


  1. A great task taken on by the most amazing people, good luck with the show.


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