Saturday, April 16, 2016

Catching the train to the show

The show starts next Friday and for those coming up from Sydney and beyond you'll be planning your trips. 
Here is some helpful information for anyone who is thinking of catching the train. 

The venue, Springwood High School Grose Rd Faulconbridge is situated halfway between Springwood and Faulconbridge stations. 

While you can get off at either station I would highly recommend getting off at Springwood as it is a bigger station, it's manned by staff that can answer queries and is in the heart of Springwood with lots of colourful shops and cafes in case you need to fill in time. 
To get to the taxi rank simply walk out of the station onto Macquarie Rd (the main street of Springwood) and turn left. You'll see taxis lined up a short walk on the same side of the street as the station. There are usually taxi's waiting there otherwise you can call Springwood Taxis on Ph 4751 1444. I have checked with them and have been told it wouldn't be more than $15.00 to the Springwood High School. 

For those who would like to stretch their legs the walk from Faulconbridge is a more pleasant walk and would be approximately half an hour each way to and from the show.

 If you have any suggestions or queries about getting to the show let us know in the comments or via email springwoodquiltshow@hotmail.com

Whatever your mode of transport it's going to be a great day out!! Lots of beautiful quilts, great shopping at the traders tables and delicious meals from the cafe. 

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