Saturday, January 30, 2016

Lots of Dots - the 2016 Raffle Quilt

We're happy to announce that the 2016 raffle quilt is finished!!

And it's spectacular!

For those who have just tuned in the pattern is called Lots of Dots and is designed by this year's featured quilter Chris Jurd. 

The members of the Springwood Community Quilt Show committee all pitched in and each made a block or two. 

Then Susie Anderson of Leura Quilting added her magic with her quilting stitches.

Marilyn added a label that utilises one of the compass block designs. 

This scribble dot fabric couldn't be more perfect for the backing!

So now that Lot's of Dots is finished it's ready to hit the road and tour quilt shops for everyone to see. The first shop will be Hatched and Patched in Bathurst.

You'll be able to buy tickets from the shops it visits, also from from the quilt show committee members and of course when you visit the quilt show in April.

We've got other fabulous raffle prizes too:

2nd prize is an Oliso Quilters Iron, by all accounts this is the bees knees of irons!! Take your hand off and the patented scorchguards life and the iron off the board preventing scorches, burns and tipping. You simply touch the handle and the iron lowers, ready to work. A floating iron!?! what will they think of next?

3rd prize is a Daylight flexible LED floor light, We all know how proper lighting helps to see our sewing stitches, and the daylight colour helps with correct colour choices.

One last photo of Lots of Dots with some of the committee members ( some people were shy and didn't want their photos taken). It'll help give you an idea of the size. Just imagine it covering a bed, draped over a couch or hanging on a wall.

Don't forget it's time for all Blue Mountains quilters to enter their quilts for the 2016 show. The online forms are on the sidebar on the right hand side or download a form and send it the address provided. Enter your latest quilts or old favourites, or even some of both.


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