Monday, November 30, 2015

November catch up

The last month has flown by and before we knew it it was time for our November meeting. The committee met in the upper mountains and got down to tackling the topics on the agenda.
A few of the issues that were discussed were:
Raffle prizes and tickets - There are going to be lots of great prizes!
Entry and Volunteer forms - Making sure all the right details are included.
Quilting progress of the raffle quilt - Susie Anderson of Leura Quilting is going all out with the quilting of the Lots of Dots quilt. Just one circle block took 3 hours. It's going to be spectacular!!

We unpacked the bookmarks for the 2016 show. Tania is our designer of bookmarks and posters and she always does an excellent job. As you can see they look really fun and colourful and have all the information anyone will need to know about the show on one bookmark. They'll start appearing in quilt shops and quilt classes in early 2016. 

Some may think we simply eat cake as a refreshment but our meetings are an excellent opportunity to research cakes that will be served at the cafe during the quilt show. We all agreed that Susan's fruit cake was the best and most moist fruit cake ever! After one mouthful Carol who is in charge of the cafe quickly grabbed her pen and paper to write the recipe down.

Susan had also made a German Apple Cake. I'm hoping she'll share the recipe so I can put it on the blog. Imagine apples, sultanas, spices set into a sweet buttery pastry - delicious!!

And here is a photo of Susan's teapot - Don't you think tea always tastes better when served from a fabulous teapot?

Especially when it has a flock of flamingos on the lid!

So there you are, a glimpse behind the scenes. We'll be back with glimpses of the raffle quilt soon.

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  1. Indeed the refreshments were possibly the highlight of a successful meeting!
    Can't wait to see the finished quilt.


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