Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dancing blocks and a visitor

  This group of Lots of Dots blocks wanted to get out on the dance floor...
to twist this way
and then twirl back the other way. 
To spin around...
and boogie the night away...
under flashing disco lights.

Here's proof that we'll do anything to bring you you best quilt show we can. At our last committee meeting we discovered we had a visitor in the form of a white tail spider. Without hesitation Marilyn bravely leapt onto a chair and assisted by Suzie, managed to capture it in a glass. Once the spider was safely outside it was straight back to the meetings agenda. 
I just hope we don't have to wrestle snakes one day. 


  1. May all your rescues be safe ones! So you can continue to twist the night away!!!

  2. Brave Marilyn especially successfully managing the chair and not falling off! Blocks are looking great

  3. All of the blocks are looking fantastic!! 3 cheers for Marilyn saving us from the spider!!


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