Monday, July 13, 2015

Work has begun...

...on the 2016 raffle quilt! 

Ever since the decision to make Chris Jurd's Lots of Dots as the raffle quilt the committee members have been having fun rounding up dotty fabrics from their stash. Quite a few new fabrics were bought too, after all it's always fun to have a particular theme to search for and an excuse to go shopping. Once you start looking there are so many wonderful and irresistible dots out there. 

So at Sunday's sewing day, as you can imagine, the table was a happy parade of colourful fabrics as everyone shared their contributions. Lots of dots in all sizes and colours!! The next step was to allocate different blocks to all the raffle quilt sewers and then came the fun part where fabrics were mixed and matched to create the wonderful combinations that make this pattern so eye catching. 

Check out the sneak peek of the beautiful hexagon quilt Chris has on her design wall in the background. Let's hope she finishes that one in time for next years show as one of her featured quilts.

We can hardly wait for show and tell of the Lots of Dots blocks!! They are all going to be spectacular! In the meantime it's the perfect weather for sewing so we hope you're all working on your quilts for next years show too. 


  1. It certainly is great weather for working on our quilts!! I love the photo of all the dotty fabrics, and I have my fingers crossed that Chris will have that hexie quilt finished for us to admire at the show. Happy dotty sewing everyone!

  2. It was a fun day with lots of decisions made re fabric choices. Next time we meet I'm sure there will be some blocks to share!

  3. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  4. How exciting! It will be interesting to see how all of those funky spots and dots come together. Chris certainly has a great eye for design!


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