Saturday, June 13, 2015

Record results from the 10th Annual Show!

And so the 10th Annual Springwood Community Quilt Show comes to end, the banners have been packed away and white gloves washed and folded. The big job of the accounting has been done and the committee is very  pleased to announce that a record amount of $10,000 was donated to the Blue Mountains Rural Fire Service. The RFS is a volunteer organisation that play a significant role in our community not only preventing and fighting fires but also rescue services, motor car accidents and storm damage. They are the heros of the mountains!!

But that's not all, a cheque for $1,500 was also donated to Springwood High School, some of which is used for the textiles department ensuring good equipment for the next generation of sewers and quilts. The school's motto is "Press Onward" - that sounds like a quilters motto!!

This brings the total donations over the past 5 years to nearly $30,000!! Woohoo!! 
That achievement deserves a round of applause for everyone who help contribute to make the Springwood Community Quilt Show such a success -
  • the helpful and much appreciated volunteers
  • the quilters who share their beautiful quilts
  • the generous sponsors
  • all of you who attended the show and bought raffle tickets
  • the stall holders with their wonderful wares
  • and last but definitely not least the tireless and dedicated Quilt Show Committee!!

For those going to the Sydney Quilt Show this week look out for our raffle quilt The 10th Anniversary Quilt.  It's even better in real life with all the colourful 30's prints, clever border and beautiful quilting! If you want to you could always choose it for your viewers choice :)


  1. Congrats to all the committee for their tireless efforts!

  2. Well Done!! It's great to hear all the hard work, planning and organisation that goes into putting on the show has acheived such great results. I'm looking forward to seeing the raffle quilt again at the Sydney Show. It's such a beautiful quilt!!

  3. Well done everyone. It was a great show and what a great result!


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