Friday, May 15, 2015

Homage, a raffle quilt.

It's Bloggers Quilt Festival time, what a great excuse to revisit a raffle quilts from the past. Let's travel back to 2013 to see the Springwood Quilt Show's raffle quilt, Homage

This beautiful quilt gained the name Homage as a tribute to the early patchwork pioneers of Australia and also a commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the crossing of the Blue Mountains, a major, and important achievement in the settlement of Australia.

Homage started with the committee member sharing fabrics from their stashes. This ensured an even mix of colours and prints whilst introducing variety. It was great helping each other pick fun fabric combinations. Then it was a matter of starting to cut out the shapes and english paper piecing the blocks. 

Each member had approx 20 hexies to piece as homework. 

By the next meeting the hexies were ready to lay out. As you can see they looked wonderful together. There was lots of oohhing and ahhing over the different hexies, it was like an I-spy of pretty fabrics and clever piecing.

Marilyn and Moira carefully measuring the center so the John Hewson panel is centered properly.

The committee hard at work piecing the quilt top.

And it came together perfectly. Susie Anderson added a whole other layer of beauty with her amazing quilting. 

Homage was much admired and was a very popular raffle quilt at the 2013 Springwood Community Quilt Show. 
And then the cherry on the cake was the wonderful news that it won First Place for Group Quilts category at the Quilters Guild of NSW Quilt Show in Sydney. 

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  1. Visiting from the BQF. Beautifl quilt!

  2. Gorgeous! I so love hexie quilts.

  3. Wow Rachael great job! I knew you were the perfect one. Love the sidebar too! And the tabs at the top. Show me how sometime.

  4. Very nice. What a good idea for a group quilt!

  5. What a fabulous quilt! Lovely to know that it was put together by group effort.:)

  6. This quilt is lovely and so is the story! thanks for sharing it!

  7. What an incredible quilt. It's awesome.


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