Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Alice's Tea Party

We've added another quilt to the page of raffle quilts.

Alice's Tea Party was Springwood Community Quilt Show's raffle quilt for 2008.

Designed by Blue Mountains quilter Lynne Alchin, Alice's Tea Party takes its inspiration from the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Fun applique designs and sweet stitches perfectly capture the whimsical tale from Alice in Wonderland. Don't you just love that polka dot teapot?

This beautiful quilt is a feast of festive colours and delicious blocks of cakes and flowers...

a tower of tea cups!

This jug would brighten up any table with it's beautiful flowery pattern. 

Alice's Tea Party won 1st prize in the Group category at the 2008 Sydney Quilt Show.

Very sadly this beautiful quilt was destroyed in the October 2013 Fires in Winmalee, Blue Mountains. These were devastating fires that destroyed many homes, but thanks to the Blue Mountains Rural Fire Service, who is our designated charity, no lives were lost. 

Linking up to the Blogger's Quilt Festival,  a fun event where you see all types of quilts from all around the world.  You can see our other beautiful quilt entry in the festival, Homage here


  1. This is such wonderful quilt!! I love the scalloped red flowery border and candy stripe binding. It's so sad it was destroyed in the fires.

  2. Forgot,to,mention that it also won 1st prize in the group category at the 2008 Sydney Quilt Show! Great post again.

    1. Thanks for pointing that it was a 1st prize winner - I'll add that to the post straight away. :)

  3. what a lovely quilt, so sad to hear it is gone.

  4. WOW!! What a story...SO sad it was lost but grateful for the service of your firemen and that no lives were lost. Your applique is exquisite!! Best of luck in the festival!!

  5. I lost my home in a fire too. I lost a quilt that my Mom made as well as everything else I owned. No loss of life though so we go on and make new quilts.

  6. Planning for a tea party is a fun task and I am glad that you shared about your idea here. I also had planned for a wonderful party at Chicago event space. All my guests loved it and it made me feel satisfied.


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