Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Wrap Up- Third Day

 Visitor from Ireland- Margaret Nangle-enjoying the quilt show with Chris

Our hard working committee- tired but happy

One of Anne Sommerlad's Seasons designs

Lauren and Liz looking for a project

Viewers Choice Winners

Wendy, Lyndal and Caroline

Raffle Winners:

First Prize:- Judy Taylor

Second Prize: Lesley Neuhouse

Third Prize: Denise Mathieson 

 Volunteer Awards:

Mike English

Christine Mathews

Petal Davies

Martha Krstich

Rebekah Watson

Lucky Door Prize:

Denise Roughley

Pictorial quilt by Beverley Haywood

Pulpit Rock

Lots of variety at the show

 A special 'thankyou' to all volunteers. Without your help we would not have a show.

 Can't wait for next year. Who will our guest quilter be? Keep watching this blog and it will be announced soon. See you next year.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Day 2 - Springwood Community Quilt Show

A selection of quilts again from day 2 of the show. Big crowds all day even tho it was Anzac Day.
Ancient Dahlia

 Mariners Star
Mariners Garden

Japanese pussy cats - Fire and Furr I think it was called


We had a different winner for todays Viewers Choice but I have no pic yet. It was Lynda Jones, In Full Bloom, a McKenna Ryan quilt. Pic tomorrow.
Last day tomorrow so plenty of time to come along and check out all the amazing quilt, stalls and the café too.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Day 1- 10th Anniversary Show

Guest Quilter- Rhonda and Isobel
Rhonda was kept busy today answering questions and sharing her expertise with visitors to the show. 

 Karen- from the Stitching Post displays her wares.

Patchwork Alley- Lots to see and buy! 

Have a break and enjoy the Devonshire Teas 

Special quilts are everywhere

A very busy day with people enjoying the magnificent quilts, stalls and tasty snacks from our wonderful cafe.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

10th Anniversary Show- Getting it together!

Oh,those hard working volunteers!
It's been a busy day today setting up, hanging quilts and taking 5 minutes out for a cuppa. Lots of wonderful people to help out and make the day seem so short. 

View of stage- Guest Quilter- Rhonda Pearce
Rhonda is our special guest this year for the show's 10th anniversary. Come along and see some of her award winning quilts on display on the centre stage. Have a chat about how to achieve various effects and techniques. 

Rhonda's special skill is hand applique- another gorgeous design.
Robyne works hard to hang this quilt at the side of the stage. 

Two of our lovely quilts on display this year!
These are just a few of over 100 quilts on show at the 10th Anniversary Springwood Community Quiltshow. Come along and join us for a weekend of  fun, great quilts, lots of stalls and a well supplied cafe. See you there.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Last week of preparations

During the last few weeks, we have been busy! Jobs include: publicity shots and articles, sorting entries, designing the layout, ordering frames and poles, preparing rosters, collating entry information for the labels, and here you can see labels being cut into 2 to make both label and receipt, before being punched and pinned ready for Thursday morning as quilts are delivered.
This week shifts up another gear as we start to sort and load supplies and equipment. And then there are the cafe preparations ...