Monday, October 13, 2014

Show and Tell

At the September meeting held at Suzanne's house, committee members brought along small sections of the raffle quilt we had been working on. Everyone had 2 pieces to make up for display at the committee meeting. It was exciting to see the colours coming together as the pieces were laid out.


Contemplating- What to do first?

Susie and Carol take measurements and think about what to do next.

Tanya displays her lovely piecing 


Some committee members had piecing with corners while others had centre pieces. 

Finished pieces

Around 20 squares make up the 2015 raffle quilt- some members even had to take their pieces overseas to finish them in time for the meeting. Robyne collected the squares at the end of the evening and offered to stitch them together. Thanks Robyne. Can't wait to see them this Thursday.


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