Friday, November 8, 2013

R.F.S. Fund Raising Efforts

This year members of the Springwood Community Quiltshow Committee were able to hand over a cheque for $6000 to the Blue Mountains R.F.S. On Thursday 7th November, Paul Mc Grath, Liason Officer for the Blue Mountains  R.F.S.  attended a luncheon at the fabulous Bygone Beautys tearooms in Leura to accept the cheque for 2013 fund raising. Randall Walker, Chairman of B.M.L.O.T( Blue Mountains Lithgow and Oberon Tourism) also attended.

Randall, Maurice, Paul, Susie, Moyra, Suzanne and Vicki.
The money provided is used by the R.F.S. to replenish supplies and equipment. This will be especially valuable following the recent devastating bushfires in our local area.
The delicious lunch was provided by Maurice Cooper-OAM of Bygone Beautys who also assists in raising money for The Red Balloon.
A most enjoyable lunch.
Committee members enjoyed looking at the beautiful teapots on display. We can't wait to see what Maurice brings along to our show in April.



  1. You should have one of those giant cheques for the presentation, it's such a great amount. Well done to all of you for raising so much money for a very worthy cause!

  2. Well done girls! Pity I wasn't there to enjoy the lunch.

  3. A great fundraising result from a great community event. How fantastic!


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