Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Meeting

During a stressful week in the recent Blue Mountains bushfires many families lost their homes and thousands were evacuated. The committee met a week later than usual and discussed our plans for the 2014 quiltshow. We reflected on the importance of our fundraising efforts for the R.F.S. and the planned hand over of $6000 raised from last year's show.  Susie studied the completed top for the 2014 raffle quilt.

Susie studies the raffle quilt
The following day, Arthur and Susie (standing on the milk crate) hold the raffle quilt in filtered light to display the gorgeous designs.

Grace's Quilt
2014 Raffle Quilt


  1. Wow!! That is the most beautiful raffle quilt ever!!

  2. Well done for the donation to such a great cause. And another stunning quilt ! you ladies do work fast.

  3. mmmmmm I hope this raffle quilt will be coming home with me after the show!
    Just beautiful.


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