Sunday, April 8, 2012

To Whet Your Appetite . . . . . .

For those who have seen many of Lynne's quilts in magazines, displayed in shops and exhibited at shows, you will be happy to know that the following will be on stage throughout the three day Springwood Community Quilt Show.

A Little Bird, An Apple For The Teacher,  The Antique Sampler, Chesterfield, Elizabeth's Medallion, The French Medallion, Laurel's Stars, Mrs William's Kindness Quilt, The Chocolate Box, The Faraway Tree, The Roadshow Quilt, The Roebuck Medallion, The Silk Skirt, Summer Baskets and of course, Alice's Tea Party.

A stand out for me is Mrs William's Kindness Quilt.  The story behind it is as beautiful as the quilt.

Now, doesn't all this make you want to mark your diaries for the last weekend in April?  Bring a friend and have a wonderful time.


  1. Oh yes!!! I can't wait to hear the story and see lots of gorgeous quilts! I'll be there with bells on!!

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  3. Great post Vicki. Lovely to hear all about our featured quilter


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