Saturday, October 1, 2011

Winners are grinners!

Here's a good news story associated with the winner of last year's magnificent raffle quilt designed by Petal Davies.

We've had an email from Kathy and Greg and I'll let them tell you the story....

"We were very excited to win the quilt as it will be a perfect show piece item for our newly acquired holiday letting premises. We opened just last week and it is one of my first jobs to mount the 3 sisters in a way that highlights its Australiana suitably. We hope to have lots of overseas tourist coming through the place and I feel sure they will be drawn to this representation of one of the main things they come to the mountains to see, I hope to mount it using old corrugated iron and timber to frame it and use big screws holding it onto the wall so it cannot be removed.
Kathy is keen to see the place used by quilting groups and from what she tells me about these weekends it would be a perfect venue. There are plenty of spots to sit and sew it has a large games room that could be easily converted into a work room
If you would like to see photos of the place all fitted out then look here.

I will have to add a photo of the wall hanging when I get it up.

Greg and Kathy"

If you are a quilting group looking for a weekend away check it out. It sleeps 10-12 and the photos of the house and surrounds are amazing. Lovely to hear feedback on the winner and that the quilt has gone to a great home in the Mountains.
Now to the 2nd prize of the Bernina sewing machine generously donated by The Stitching Post in Katoomba. In my class at Cottage Quiltworks at Warriewood a new student arrived with a brand new sewing machine. I asked her if she was happy with her new Bernina and she said
"Yes I love it and I won it at the Springwood Quilt Show".

How freaky is that! What are the chances that Judy would end up in my class at all? Here is her email....

"My girlfriend Terri asked me to go with her to the Springwood quilt show. She wanted to support Susie (Anderson) who had done some quilting for her.
We had promised ourselves that we were going to do some "Quilt Excursions" during the year and this seemed like a fun excursion to get us started.
On arrival at the show we both bought some raffle tickets and made our way into the hall thinking nothing more about the tickets. We spent quite a while
at the show and then ventured further on to Leura for a late lunch. Later the following week I received a phone call enquiring if I had been at the quilt show the previous weekend.
(all I could think was that I had left something there, but then I couldn't figure out how they had known it was mine, and how did they get my phone number.) You can image my surprise when I learned that I had won second prize in the raffle, and I was even more surprised to find out that I had won a sewing machine. I was absolutely thrilled, I had been contemplating buying a new machine for some time, but had not gotten around to it. My current machine I have had since I was 21. I am absolutely amazed at the generosity of such a wonderful donation for the raffle.(thank you so much to Karen Kirk from the Stitching Post) The first project on my new machine is New York Beauty Quilt by Chris Jurd and I am really enjoying the class with Chris at Cottage Quiltworks in Warriewood. I must also thank Karen Cunningham for delivering the machine to me from "the Mountains".

Kind regards, Judy"

How good is that! Now for some pics of this year's raffle quilt which is Seven Sisters in blue and cream. (See the previous post for pics of the start of our gorgeous quilt).

This version belongs to the lovely Jane who has loaned us her quilt to guide us through the process - thanks Jane. This one was quilted by Susie as well so you can see how good ours will look in the not-too-distant future. All blocks will be ready by the end of October and we hope to have it quilted and bound before Xmas.

Thanks Lyn and Vicki for the beautiful pics.


  1. What wonderful stories about the raffle winners!! Kathy's retreat sounds great and I like the sound of how she will mount the quilt on corragated iron. Maybe she'll share a photo of the quilt when it's hung? Wouldn't it be fabulous if Judy's New York Beauty is in the quilt show next year!! The Seven Sisters quilt is going to be stunning!! Thanks Jane for lending the inspiration quilt!!

  2. would be interested in buying some tickets in this.


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