Friday, January 28, 2011

Last meeting

Big news at this months meeting, our first shopping tote bag arrived. We have ordered 500. Going by the general response, they may end up a collector’s item! The following year we will use a different colour for the bag, so make sure you pick one up as you enter the show or from any of the traders stalls in the hall, only $2 each.

Scenes from the last meeting and a few notes from Vicki our publicity officer.

Christmas and the holidays are well behind us now. As February looms, so does the first Quilt Show meeting for the year. A few members of the committee were unable to attend due to teaching, work and family commitments. None the less we soldier on. Lots to discuss and some final decisions to be made. Our secretary, Suzanne takes notes throughout the meeting and sends them to all members within the week as the official minutes.
The news doesn’t stop there. This year we have been fortunate enough to have three more roadside banners made. We have been waiting on permission from RTA for a spare bridge over the Great Western Highway to be able to hang them. Starting from 4th April 2011 you should see a banner or two around. Very distinctive is our new Show logo. A schoolhouse block! A lot of thought went into it, and as one committee member pointed out, we have been holding the Quilt Show at a school for six years, why look any further!! How appropriate! The colour is Shiraz.
Emails will be sent out shortly with the entry form attached. Entry forms will also be distributed at local patchwork shops. If your quilt isn’t quite finished, don’t despair, get the entry form to us and you still have a small amount of time to finish. Everyone loves to see quilts. Large and small. Those with a story attached, from pictorial to the classic.
We try to squeeze in 150 – 200 quilts. So if you are entering more than one quilt, read the entry form carefully, as you have the choice of which ones get to be exhibited, if we are in the position of receiving too many. Keeping the show to a certain number of quilts, allows an adequate size of space for the traders, and plenty of space in between the rows of quilts for us admirers to stand back and admire. This also allows us camera happy people to take snaps of our favourites.
Today we were very pleased to have our 2011 Quilt Show book marks from the printers.
Thanks to Petal’s colourful raffle quilt, this year they will certainly stand out at all the usual venues. The decision to promote the Springwood Quilt Show using bookmarks was decided on a few years back as a handy item for us girls to have in our diaries, handbags or on the fridge. Collect one for yourself and a friend from your local patchwork shop, library, selected shops and tourist information centre. If you know of a venue we may have missed, let us know, by clicking on the email icon, we would love to hear from you.

It just wouldn’t be a meeting without the supper! Suzie did a splendid job and to prove we do watch what we eat, a small slice of cake was left. Nice plate Suzie!

Keep an eye on our blog with a count down to show time!!!


  1. I can just see those bags becoming a collectors item! Imagine a quilt made out of all the different years! Don't the postcards look great too. Not long to go, I really have to get a quilt finished!! Nice looking cake...and plate!!

  2. The bags are great! I can't wait to get my hands on a couple and flaunt them around town when I do my 'much needed' fabric shopping. The bookmarks look fantastic too - I love how bright and vibrant they are!


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