Saturday, August 14, 2010

The More You Look the More You See

Last Sunday we met up at Petal's house to work on the raffle quilt. It really is a stunner!

As someone who tends to make up my quilts as I sew, I'm impressed at all the detailed planning and pinning that has gone into this quilt. There are so many small details that go together to make up the picture. It's truly a case of the more you look the more you see.

The blue sky is created with blue sheer fabrics over a browny khaki fabric. They add a sense of depth and create the misty look our mountain views are famous for.

Small touches of different textured fabrics and stitching add shadows and light.

The touches of gold are bits of recycled magnum wrappers!!!

More wonderful textures that look like moss.

The grey frame fabric was hand dyed by Petal. It shimmers as it draws the eye in, frames but dosen't compete.

The Jinny Beyer fabrics work really well. The square patches made up of odd quarters give a sense of movement reminding me of impressionist paintings.

Some of the faces behind the quilt...
Here's the quilt's designer Petal (right) and Chris discussing details.

Margaret was giving the task of sewing tree trunks. Note that she's sewing with 2 different colours of thread. One of Petal's clever tricks. The blended colours add interest. Just love those little details!!

Margaret's daughter Erin went round and round in circles- Literally!!! Sewing small circles onto a plastic that will be disolved leaving a pretty foliage, moss like textile.

Here's Petal again this time cutting little triangles out of green fabric strips.

Along with Tanya...

Creating green fronds.

To make tree ferns!!

There's still lots more to come!! So stay tuned!


  1. Great pics Rachael. It really is coming together isn't it.

  2. I have tried ... and tried ... to get my local group to try a more 'adventurous' raffle quilt, but no dice. In fact they're getting more and more repro/traditional each time.


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