Monday, July 19, 2010


At out recent quilt show meeting we continued to work on the raffle quilt for next year under the watchful eye of Petal - the designer of the beautiful quilt.

We sewed ...........

and we cut ....................

and we made rocks and grass and all sorts of foliage from disolvable "plastic" hospital bags.

This is a smaller version of the end result and would you believe there are Magnum ice-cream wrappers in there somewhere! What will these art quilters think of next?

It has been an interesting exercise for those of us who are more traditional quilters and Petal is a fabulous teacher of all things associated with this technique.

We are on a mission to improve our signage for the show and will be purchasing new banners for the highway bridges and foam-core signs to point the way to the venue over the three days of the show next April.

Stay tuned for more information on the show as it evolves over the next nine months.

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  1. It looks amazing!! Who got the hard task of eating the Magnums?


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